Another excellent discussion last night. Thank you for your attention to Aron and for your participation. I hope our topics have given you new insight into things that will be important in your careers.

  • We decided to do all 11 presentations on Mon night. That means we will be together from 6-10pm. There are a few things I want to cover. Read over the Lessig items, as well as the items I have on the Outline for next week. I will arrange for some type of snack on Mon, since we will be working so long.
  • You will be receiving an email to do the course evaluation online. If you are able, provide comments in addition to the numbers. These are very important to how we structure classes in the future.
  • For Mon, you will have 10 minutes to present, and another 5 for questions. Everyone needs to be thinking of a question, because each person must answer 2-3 questions from you, the audience. You can use Powerpoints or other materials. If you want to upload to TRACS in the Dropbox, I can have them ready on the computer when you arrive, so we won’t waste time fiddling with finding files.
  • I will cut you off at 10 minutes, so time your presentation. Focus on Abstract/Overview/Intro, methodology, research questions and results. Minimal on literature. This will be a lot like doing a presentation at a research conference. Don’t plan to read aloud your paper or any portion of it.
  • I will work on your blog and other grades over the weekend and post to TRACS.
  • Let’s say your final paper is due by midnight next Wed. Upload to the Dropbox. Make sure your name is on the document and your last name is in the filename. You probably won’t need that much more time after Mon. If anyone needs to slip to Thurs, let me know.

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