Aug. 30

Intro and Syllabus

Internet History


Internet Trends


Take the Quiz: What Internet Users Know About Technology and the Web. How did you do? Discuss in your introductory blog post.

Pew Reports 

The Pew Research Center has numerous studies that related to digital media. Most modules will have one or more Pew Research studies associated with them. You do not need to read the entire report, but peruse for general direction. I will outline any important trends in my video. The Pew Reports might provide elements for your Research Project.

Setting Up a Blog


Sept. 6 – online

Defining Digital Media

  • Read: Dennis, Baron, From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies in Passions, Pedagogies and 21st Century Technologies, 1999
  • Read: Bush, Vannevar, As We May Think, Atlantic Monthly, July 1945.
  • Read: Engelbart, Douglas, from Augmenting Human Intellect (1962), read Sections I and III
  • Watch: Video Engelbart demonstration, watch Clip 2 and Clip 3. Remember, this was 1968. Consider how many of the features of computing we use today that were introduced in this demonstration, considered the “Mother of all Demos.” Note the keys and rudimentary “mouse” that he is using.



Tech Leadership


Sept. 13

Digital Media Theory



Sept. 20 – online

Digital Media Research



Sept. 27



Search and Search Engines


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing



Pew Reports


Oct. 4 – online

Social Media, Strategy and Certifications



Pew Reports


Other Resources


Oct. 11

Cyberculture Research

Gender and Diversity Online


Pew Reports

Oct. 18 – online, attend Mass Comm Week sessions

Online Journalism



Reports – these are some important reports about the journalism industry and journalism curriculum introduced in the past year. Please review for major themes and ideas and use to discuss in your blog post.


Pew Center Studies


Additional Resources


Oct. 25



Drones, Sensors, Wearables and Virtual Reality

Big Data


Pew Reports

Nov. 1 online

Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking


Business Models and Online Branding



Nov. 8

Legal Issues


 Net Neutrality



Legal Resources


Pew Center


Nov. 15 – online

Future Issues – we may identify others throughout the semester



Pew Reports


Coding Resources


Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving

Nov. 29 – in-person

Work on Final Research Paper
Presentation due



Dec. 6 online

Present Final Research Paper