Posting Assignments (30%) – you will be required to answer questions on your own WordPress site. This will give you the opportunity to synthesize the articles, express your own opinions, and to pose any questions about these topics. Due dates will be indicated with each module. You will also be required to comment on other students’ posts.

Quizzes (20%) – each online module will include a quiz. Due dates will be indicated with each module

News Presentation (5%) – you will have an assigned day in which you will post to our Facebook group an item of current events that deals with Internet or related technologies.

Research Paper (20%) – A 10-15 page research paper is required. This should be an original paper appropriate for presentation at a research conference or publishable in an academic journal. We will be looking at a range of research papers to give you an idea of methods and topics. See the format of a research paper below.

The topic chosen should be relevant to the student’s interest area or other current projects. The paper should address an issue of social, cultural, or legal implications regarding digital media. Papers can cover original research, topic explication or an execution of a pilot study. You can use quantitative or qualitative methods, as long as there is a systematic approach.

Topic, Description, Method and Research Questions  (5%) – a brief research prospectus stating the topic, description, research questions and methodology. This prospectus should be 2-3 pages in length (double-spaced). Turn in via the Dropbox on TRACS. Use this naming convention royal_prospectus.doc (where you replace “royal” with your last name, of course). Please use doc or pdf file formats.

Lit Review (5%) – you will prepare a literature review that addresses your topic. This is a description of each item and how it relates and supports your topic, as well as a reference list in a consistent format (APA or MLA are fine). The literature should reflect the thinking around your topic and identify the place within it your research will represent. You should have a mix of academic sources (a good way to find them is to use the Communication Source research database via the online TXST Library offerings) and contemporary press articles. Literature review must contain AT LEAST 10 citations.

Research Presentation (10%) – Students will present the results of the research paper in a video on their blog. Presentations will be no longer than 5 minutes each.

Participation and Attendance (5%)