Good job this week. I have enjoyed our discussions. Here’s what is going on until we meet again next Wed.

  • We didn’t get to watch it in class, but I highly recommend you watching some of the Doug Engelbart demo –
  • Watch the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg videos and read through the Apple-related articles on the Outline.
  • Check the New Media Issues – Royal Facebook group each day and comment on news posts. Nick and Jake will post on Mon. Chris and Melanie will post on Tues. Ask to Join the Group, if you haven’t already,
  • Read the items under New Media Research for Mon. The question for Monday, which is also on the Blogs page is:  Discuss the different ways the concept of interactivity is defined. What is your definition of interactivity? Please make a GOOD blog post according to my requirements. I will try to send some feedback to everyone on your first post over the weekend.
  • For Tues, read all the items under Cyberculture Research and Gender Online. The Handout for Inventing the Medium is available under Resources on TRACS. Tuesday’s questions, also on the Blogs page, is Discuss the interaction between culture, community and design, based on the readings. What are some of the cultural implications of online spaces? Be sure to address gender and ethnicity roles online in your answer. Also make sure you do a GOOD post!
  • And before class on Wed., go to some of the other students’ blogs and comment on at least two posts. The blog list is on the Blogs page. I am still formatting, but you should be able to see the links.
  • Begin your literature review for your final paper. Get some preliminary ideas so we can discuss next week.
  • There are a couple TED Talks on the outline for July 17. Please watch before class.
  • If anyone wants to chat on a Google Hangout on Tues night, let me know. I can answer questions. Discuss your paper ideas, etc. Email me at croyal [at]

Have a great weekend. See you next Wed.



Great job last night getting underway with the class. I look forward to working with all of you throughout this quick summer session. We have a wide range of experiences and interests in the group. Here’s what you need to do for tomorrow, Tues., for your online assignments.

  • Watch the videos and read all the items on the Outline  for Tues., July 9th. The Weaving the Web piece is the handout I provided. In addition, watch the Did you Know 4.0 and The Machine is Us/ing Us videos from July 8 that we didn’t have time to watch in class. We’ll finish the History of the Internet and Web video in class on Wed.
  • Start your WordPress blog. Make sure you get a theme and play with the general settings. You can add any additional pages that you’d like. We will discuss widgets and other features later. Make your first blog post on this topic:
  • For your first post, write some introductory comments, a short paragraph or two about yourself, and then discuss your definition of new media. Be sure to engage the reading, make connections, as well as provide your own opinion. Include relevant links, images, embedded video.
  • Do this post by 9pm tomorrow night, Tues., July 9.
  • Join Twitter and LinkedIn, if you aren’t already on them. You should have done your social media baseline assessment and gotten your Klout score in class. Save that info for us to discuss and to compare at the end of the session.

We’ll discuss all of this in class on Wed.

I’ll send more info about the news assignments tomorrow.

Familiarize yourself with the website, the course outline, the course policies, and let me know if you have any questions.

See you at 6pm on Wed!

Welcome to the class, everyone. I am excited to get started with this semester. We’ll be covering a lot of ground quickly, doing much of it online. On most weeks, we’ll have online work on Mondays and Tuesdays, meet for discussion and exercises on Wednesdays. During the final week, we’ll meet on Monday and Tuesday for research paper presentations. Check the schedule, as we will meet on Monday and Wednesday in San Marcos during the first week.

Assignments will include blog posts and material presentation. We’ll discuss on the first night of class. The first night is Monday, July 8 at 6pm in Old Main 238.

I’ll post everything you need to this site. Updates and reminders will appear on the home page. You can see the full schedule on the Outline. And, the other links will provide more information about the class and myself.

I really enjoy teaching this class. I get to talk about all the new and important issues in technology and get to hear your ideas and impressions. Feel free to email me if you have any questions croyal [at]