Now that you have had time to work on a digital presence (and plan to continue after this class), you should think about ways you can network. This is an important step in a career hunt, and it’s something you should start well ahead of actually needing a job. Going to meetups with professionals may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The Austin area has many meetup, and you can try out several. Find ones where you feel interested and comfortable.

I also advise students to attend at least one meetup that stretches your skills, something you know nothing about. You have the most potential to learn when you are the least knowledgeable in the room. People are nice, and they like to meet students and recent grads.

Meetups are as much about what you bring to the community as what the community can do for you. It’s a two-way street. So, find groups that interest you enough to regularly attend and contribute. Eventually, you might even get asked to be a speaker. Who knows… you might even decide to host your own meetup group someday!

A good first step is to take Mass Comm Week seriously this fall. Don’t just attend the events that you have to (required for a class). We bring in multiple professionals and provide opportunities for students to meet with them. This event has grown to one of the most premier conferences in the region. This year, it will be held Oct. 21-24, and the schedule should be available soon after the fall semester begins at txstatemcweek.com.

There are a couple of calendars that list meetups in town. Check with the actual meetup group to make sure they still meet at the same time/place indicated.

Here are a few that I have attended:

  • Hacks/Hackers ATX – this is Austin chapter of the international organization that brings together journalists and programmers. I am one of the co-founders. It meets with the Online News Association Local chapter.  @HacksHackersATX
  • Social Media Club – this is a good place to start. They usually meet on the UT Campus (but not always), in the old ACL studios. They have speakers on a variety of general topics related to social media. We have a Student Social Media Club chapter at TXST (we were the 1st student chapter in Texas), and it could use some new leadership, so let me know if you are interested in reviving it. @SMCAustin
  • Refresh Austin – this is a great group if you are interested in Web design or development. @RefreshAustin
  • Austin on Rails – This is a meetup for Ruby on Rails developers. This is the one that I attend to stretch my technical know-how. Nice people, working for cool companies. @AustinonRails

Here are some others that may interest you:

There are plenty of student orgs in addition to the student Social Media Club, like Society of Professional Journalists and Public Relations Student Society of America. Check around campus for different opportunities.

Of course, if you can attend SXSW Interactive in March, that is an awesome opportunity to learn and meet new people. Another great conference in the area is the International Symposium in Online Journalism, held in the spring at UT.

There are also great meetups to attend out of town (NICAR, Online News Association, etc), but I have focused on those that are in the area.

I’m sure there are lots more. Get out there, finds groups that interest you, start talking to people and grow your professional network!

Another excellent discussion last night. Thank you for your attention to Aron and for your participation. I hope our topics have given you new insight into things that will be important in your careers.

  • We decided to do all 11 presentations on Mon night. That means we will be together from 6-10pm. There are a few things I want to cover. Read over the Lessig items, as well as the items I have on the Outline for next week. I will arrange for some type of snack on Mon, since we will be working so long.
  • You will be receiving an email to do the course evaluation online. If you are able, provide comments in addition to the numbers. These are very important to how we structure classes in the future.
  • For Mon, you will have 10 minutes to present, and another 5 for questions. Everyone needs to be thinking of a question, because each person must answer 2-3 questions from you, the audience. You can use Powerpoints or other materials. If you want to upload to TRACS in the Dropbox, I can have them ready on the computer when you arrive, so we won’t waste time fiddling with finding files.
  • I will cut you off at 10 minutes, so time your presentation. Focus on Abstract/Overview/Intro, methodology, research questions and results. Minimal on literature. This will be a lot like doing a presentation at a research conference. Don’t plan to read aloud your paper or any portion of it.
  • I will work on your blog and other grades over the weekend and post to TRACS.
  • Let’s say your final paper is due by midnight next Wed. Upload to the Dropbox. Make sure your name is on the document and your last name is in the filename. You probably won’t need that much more time after Mon. If anyone needs to slip to Thurs, let me know.