Welcome to the class, everyone. I am excited to get started with this semester. We’ll be covering a lot of ground quickly, doing much of it online. On most weeks, we’ll have online work on Mondays and Tuesdays, meet for discussion and exercises on Wednesdays. During the final week, we’ll meet on Monday and Tuesday for research paper presentations. Check the schedule, as we will meet on Monday and Wednesday in San Marcos during the first week.

Assignments will include blog posts and material presentation. We’ll discuss on the first night of class. The first night is Monday, July 8 at 6pm in Old Main 238.

I’ll post everything you need to this site. Updates and reminders will appear on the home page. You can see the full schedule on the Outline. And, the other links will provide more information about the class and myself.

I really enjoy teaching this class. I get to talk about all the new and important issues in technology and get to hear your ideas and impressions. Feel free to email me if you have any questions croyal [at] txstate.edu.